Jason Peters

Jason Peters
Jason Peters tends a small acreage in Ingham County, Michigan, where he lives with his longsuffering wife, their children, a dog, several laying hens, and a few parsimonious honey bees. A founding member of FPR, Peters is the editor of both Local Culture: A Journal of the Front Porch Republic and Front Porch Republic Books. He is also Professor of English at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. His books include The Culinary Plagiarist: (Mis)Adventures of a Lusty, Thieving, God-Fearing Gourmand (FPR Books 2020), Wendell Berry: Life and Work (University Press of Kentucky 2007), Land! The Case for an Agrarian Economy, by John Crowe Ransom (University Press of Notre Dame, 2017), and Localism in the Mass Age: A Front Porch Republic Manifesto (co-edited with Mark T. Mitchell for FPR Books, 2018). He has tried to break life-long debilitating addictions to basketball, golf, fly-fishing, and puttering & tinkering but has been woefully unsuccessful.

Recent Essays

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On the tenth anniversary of FPR we must admit a little sadly that we’re still relevant.

When the Witch of November Comes Stealin’

There’s a certain aching joy in the chill of regret.

Walking in a Dead Man’s Shoes

A woman in another kind of grief uttered the terrible “should have been.”

On Being Less than We Are

What you miss out on by not making the climb is too great a loss on such a morning as this.

Once More to the Garden (Then to the Trout Streams): A Dispatch

I wonder if Mr. Big in the sky would be willing to give us a Do-Over.

At Last, the FPR Manifesto

... where human affairs are conducted as if place really matters, where economic affairs are conceived as if limits really matter, and where political power is exercised as if liberty really matters.

The Winter of our Disconchickentent: A Dispatch

Nature stepped in in her wonted way and took complete control.

Why Patrick Deneen Failed

It's already an amazon dot hell best-seller in political theory.

A Few Favorable Words About Jud Heathcote

I understood immediately why Skiles was a Spartan and I was not.

Good Night, Sweet Babe Magnet

It's as if two men are talking fondly about a woman both of them were once married to.

And Then Came the Chickens, Part Two: A Dispatch from Dumb-Ass Acres

“Bawk-bawk be-gehk!” she cries, and I know just where she’s coming from.