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Common Arts Education: A Review

In a world mediated through technology, the common arts bring us into daily encounters with a material world where we have not made the rules. They orient us to truths outside of ourselves and foster humility as we subject ourselves to realities beyond our control.

The College and the Community: A Strange Saga in Tallahassee

As President John Thrasher alienates Florida State University from segments of the broader Tallahassee, Florida community, a lesson from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, is worth considering.

Protestants and Western Civ.

Hillsdale, Michigan. Which is more surprising? To read that a Great Booksy curriculum—which you, a fairly committed Protestant who tries to keep faith under...

Flatten the Curve and Respect the Experts

The issue is not the the health care experts versus the ordinary American who doesn’t like the way this shutdown is going. It is actually a question of expertise worthy of the power invested in state and federal officials to change life as we know it.

Can You (or anyone) Put Wendell Berry’s Lightning in the Bottle...

Below is the text of a review for Orthodox Presbyterians -- of all people -- of Jack Baker and Jeff Bilbro's new book on...

A Call for a Politically Inclusive Classroom

Teaching Tolerance in a Time of Trump sounds like a short-course a firebrand professor might offer, though I mean it in a more comprehensive...

Shared Governance and Mandatory Training: The New Incoherence

So long as gravity obtains, sawing off the branch you’re sitting on is never a good idea.

Politics as Religion: A Brief Assay Essayed after Midnight

For sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds; / Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds.

David Bosworth on his New Book, Conscientious Thinking: Making Sense in...

No one who cares about the condition of our culture can afford to ignore Conscientious Thinking. --Jackson Lears, editor, Raritan

From The Multiversity Cave: Conclusion

Saginaw, MI This is the final post of a series that explored what prominent thinkers can teach us about today’s public multiversity, the modern university...